Winter Tires: Do You Need Them?

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December 20, 2016
Driving in Snow and Ice
March 12, 2017

Do I Need Winter Tires on My Car?

In Lynchburg, Virginia we see our share of messy weather! There has been plenty of snow, ice, and rain to go around these past few years, and when you throw in our mountains and windy roads and we often face worse driving conditions than most. With the winter snow we are often asked about the need for and use of Winter tires. Also referred to as Snow tires, these tires have unique tread designs that are made exclusively for use in cold weather and on snow, slush and ice. These tires are made from softer rubber compounds that retain their flexibility in the cold.  Winter tires on your car or truck can make a significant difference in how they grip and handle the road in snow, slush, or ice.  When you add winter tires to your vehicle you can increase your traction which helps you accelerate and stop more safely as well as improve the overall stability and balance of your ride.

So, do you need them?  Well it may not always be practical to keep winter tires for each vehicle, but there is no doubt it offers a safer, more comfortable driving experience in the winter.  Here are some common questions we get:

  • Can I just keep the winter snow tires on all year long?
    • Yes, you can, BUT we don’t recommend it. The design of these tires and the softer rubber means louder, less comfortable rides, and they will inevitably wear out faster.
  • Can I just put two winter snow tires on my car?
    • No this will throw off the balance and grip of your car in general. Always install all 4 snow tires or none at all.
  • Are my all-season tires just as good?
    • No, unfortunately poor weather is an extreme and these tires are more general.

If you need Winter Tires we carry the largest selection in Lynchburg, Forest, and Madison Heights for winter and snow tires, including all the leading brands. We’ll install them for you and swap them when the seasons come. Just gives us a call and we’ll help you find the right set of Winter Snow Tires for your car!