What To Do With Old Tires and Rims in the Lynchburg Area

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March 13, 2024
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Every car owner faces the inevitable task of replacing tires and rims. But once you’ve got a set of worn-out wheels, what do you do with them? In Lynchburg, Virginia, and beyond, the question of “What to do with old tires and rims” is a common one. Thankfully, there are several options available for disposing of these automotive leftovers.

Understanding the Impact of Improper Tire Disposal

Improperly disposed tires pose significant environmental hazards. They can create breeding grounds for mosquitoes, contribute to landfill fires, and leach toxic chemicals into the ground. With millions of tires discarded annually worldwide, finding responsible disposal methods is crucial. In Virginia, it’s essential to know where to dispose of tires, so that you can mitigate these risks effectively.

Legal and Safe Disposal Options

Virginia has strict regulations regarding tire disposal to protect the environment and public health. Thus, it’s essential to understand the legal and safe disposal options available in the state. Here are some of the most commonly used methods for disposing of old tires and rims in Lynchburg:

Recycle Them

Recycling is the most environmentally friendly option for disposing of old tires and rims. In Lynchburg, there are several tire recycling facilities that provide safe and legal disposal services. These recycling centers break down tires into reusable materials like rubber, steel, and fiber. The recycled materials can then be used to make new products such as playground surfaces, asphalt, and insulation.

Dispose of Them at Solid Waste Management Facilities

If you are unable to recycle your tires, another option is to dispose of them at a solid waste management facility. Many municipalities have designated drop-off locations for tires and rims. If you’re located in the Lynchburg VA area, Region 2000 Services Authority accepts tires as long as it meets certain size restrictions.

Stored at Businesses Engaged in Tire Replacement and Repair

In some cases, businesses that sell or repair tires may be willing to take your old ones off your hands for a small fee. These businesses typically have partnerships with recycling facilities and will properly dispose of the tires on your behalf.

DMV Licensed Salvage Yards

Authorized disposal facilities and services ensure tires are either recycled or disposed of safely. Recycling processes might shred tires for rubber mulch, convert them into playground surfaces, or even use them in civil engineering projects. If you’re pondering how to get rid of old tires, start by contacting local recycling centers or municipal waste services that can guide you through the disposal process.

Selling and Donating Used Tires and Rims

If your old tires and rims are still in good condition, consider selling them or donating them. Local mechanics, tire shops, or online marketplaces are excellent platforms for selling. Alternatively, donating to local charities, schools, or community centers can support educational projects or practical uses, such as creating tire swings for playgrounds.

Creative Uses for Old Tires in Home and Garden

Not all old tires need to end up in recycling facilities. There are numerous uses for old tires that can enhance your home and garden. For instance, tires can be repurposed into garden planters, outdoor furniture, or even playground equipment for kids. These projects not only extend the life of tires but also add a unique touch to your outdoor space.

Commercial and Industrial Reuses of Old Tires

On a larger scale, old tires find new life in various industries. Ground into crumb rubber, they can be used in asphalt for road construction, contributing to more durable and quieter roads. Additionally, innovative companies are exploring ways to convert old tires into fuel, harnessing their high energy content for industrial use.

What Not to do With Old Tires

Never dispose of old tires in bodies of water or attempt to burn them. Tires contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans and the environment when inhaled. Additionally, tires take a significant amount of time to cool down once ignited. These same chemicals can leach into water, contaminating soil and water sources.

Need New Tires?

Disposing of old tires and rims responsibly or finding creative ways to repurpose them benefits both the environment and the community. Whether you choose to recycle, upcycle, sell, or donate, every effort counts toward a more sustainable future. If you’re located in the Lynchburg or Forest Virginia area and need new tires, contact our experts at Harris Tire today!

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