Auto Air Conditioning

Auto Air Conditioning Service and Support

On a hot day, there’s nothing like staying cool inside your car with that refreshing blast of chilled air. Keeping you cool means that all the right parts need to working properly and over time equipment wears and fittings become loose.  Early detection will save you time and money.

Our team will help you maintain your heating & air conditioning systems to keep you safe and warm or cool!

We will perform full inspections including:

  • Inspecting the interior controls and blower
  • Checking radiator coolant level, hoses, pressure cap and thermostat
  • Testing the compressor belt
  • Checking for leaks or other damage

We will run tests

  • A cooling system pressure test
  • Comparing the A/C pressure to manufacturer specifications
  • Testing the A/C system for refrigerant leaks
  • Check the interior vent air temperature

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