Steps to Improve Gas Mileage

Checking Air Pressure in Car Tires
December 4, 2017
Keeping a Regular Car Maintenance Schedule
February 12, 2018

Prices for fuel are escalating with every day that goes by and they’re not likely to drop anytime soon. While that’s one area where you are not allowed to do anything, you can certainly make the most out of what you get. Before you consider swapping your performance car with a hybrid or a subcompact box on four wheels, you should know that you can get more miles per gallon on your current car too.

Here’s a guide on how to get a range that could make electric cars shy.

Use your car less

This one’s a no-brainer. You should be less reliant on your car, and consider trying other modes of transport every now and then. There are more than enough alternatives: carpool, public transport, cycles, walks – you name it. Using other, more efficient means of transportation can not only save you the fuel costs but also the charges for parking, registration, and insurance. You might also shed a few pounds not sitting down for a longer period of times. So, if the only thing you have on your itinerary is going to the market to get some supplies, don’t use your car. For everything else, try to do everything in one single trip, or fewer trips.

Take the weight off your car

Carrying excess weight on your car consumes a lot more fuel than you’d imagine. A heavier car would be slower and the engine would have to work harder to deliver the same performance to keep it running stable. Draining the engine’s capacity to deliver top-notch performance takes it out of its comfort zone, and makes it inefficient. As a smart driver, you can take the excess luggage out of your car to get more miles per gallon.

Check the tire pressure regularly

When the tires have a lower pressure or are under-inflated, the engine has to deliver more power to keep them moving, consequently burning more fuel. You should check the tire pressure regularly, and keep it to a recommended level. Ensuring your tires always have the right pressure won’t just help you get a better mileage, but also improve the handling significantly.

Turn the air-conditioning off

Like all the other tips to save fuel, this one is obvious as well. When you’re not using it or when it’s not necessary, turn the air-conditioning off. Leaving air-conditioning on burns more gas than if you stood up on the gas pedal. Roll down your windows whenever you can, and you won’t miss the fuel-guzzling scam people call air-conditioning much.

If you follow the above-mentioned fuel efficiency tips to save gas, you can save hundreds of dollars on fuel every year. This can add up to thousands of dollars in the future. Not to forget the favor you’d be doing to nature by consuming less fuel and reducing your carbon footprint.