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Spring Car Maintenance Checklist For 2023

Spring is just around the corner and this means that it’s time to plan for a holiday by hitting the road. However, a cheap road trip can soon turn into a major financial hardship if your car is not ready for it. So, you need to prepare your car for the spring because a harsh winter can mean big troubles for your car.

Before hitting the road, take a little time and efforts to check your vehicle’s condition to not only reduce unnecessary and time-consuming repairs but also maximize your car’s resale value. By following this checklist, you can check if your car is ready for the spring yourself. However, if you’re not capable to do it yourself, you can seek the help of professional mechanics for this task.


Check your vehicle’s battery

In winter, when car parts such as starter and alternator are jammed, your car battery has to work hard to get the vehicle cranked up and warmed at freezing temperatures. However, it can damage your vehicle’s battery. So, you need to check your vehicle’s battery to avoid the expensive maintenance charges.


Inspect the brakes of your car

Damaged brakes are an unseen issue that can put your life at risk. Nothing is more important than your safety. So, check the brakes of your car beforehand. Cold weather can lead to corrosion of brake parts, so you need to make sure that your vehicle’s brakes are functioning properly. If you notice any grinding or squeaking noises during braking or it becomes hard to brake, then you need to replace the brakes.


Check the tires

Worn-down tires make your car hard to stop, even if the brakes work perfectly. So, you need to make sure that your car’s tires are in good order by having it inspected. Check your tire’s tread (that should be at least 4/32 inch on your tires) by doing the coin test. If the treads of your tires are alright, then you need to make sure that your car’s tires have enough air by checking its inflation.


Check your vehicle’s AC

Warm air in your vehicle can ruin your complete travel in the spring season. So, you need to check your car’s air conditioning as well. Turn it on at full temperature and ensure it makes your car’s interior chilled quickly. However, if it doesn’t, then you may need to replace it. So, don’t waste your time. Get in touch with a certified mechanic and repair your car’s AC as soon as possible.

Don’t let your vacation trip be ruined this 2019 spring/summer just because of your car’s maintenance issues. Follow the above-listed spring maintenance checklist that will not only save your money but also avoid summer breakdown.

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