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Oil Change service Lynchburg VA

There is no better way to prolong engine life and extend its efficiency than with regular oil changes. Your vehicle relies on oil, lubrication and an oil filter to keep it running smoothly.

Oil Change Lynchburg, VA

For an essential automotive service in Lynchburg, look no further than our professional oil change offerings. Our dedicated team in Lynchburg understands the importance of regular oil changes in maintaining the health and longevity of your vehicle. With our efficient services, you can enjoy a smoother-running engine and improved overall performance. Experience hassle-free maintenance and visit us in Lynchburg for an expert oil change that keeps your car in top condition.

Every vehicle is different so check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations for when to change your oil. We provide quality oil changes and fluid checkups at a price you can afford. Whether your vehicle needs conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend or full synthetic oil, the your oil change at Harris Tire includes detailed preventive maintenance to check, inspect, flush, and fill the essential components of your vehicle.

Harris Tire oil changes include:

  • Changing the oil filter
  • Checking the air filter
  • Checking and topping off all fluids
  • Lubricating all fittings
  • Inspecting all belts and hoses
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Inspecting your vehicle’s undercarriage

The Right Oil Change at the Right Price

Discover the perfect oil change solution that fits both your vehicle’s needs and your budget. We offer the right oil change service at the right price, ensuring that your car’s engine stays in peak condition without breaking the bank. Trust our experts to provide high-quality care and maintenance, giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle is in capable hands.

When you choose our oil change service, you’re not only getting a routine maintenance task done; you’re making a smart investment in the longevity of your vehicle. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in catering to various makes and models, ensuring that each oil change is tailored to your car’s specific requirements. Whether you’re driving a compact car or a heavy-duty truck, we have the expertise to deliver the right oil change that will keep your engine running efficiently. Experience peace of mind knowing that you’re receiving top-notch service without compromise – because the right oil change should always come at the right price.

Oil Lube and Filter Service

Experience comprehensive and efficient oil, lube, and filter services for your vehicle. Our expert team ensures that your car’s engine remains properly lubricated and protected, while also replacing the old filter to maintain optimal performance. Trust us to provide top-notch care for your vehicle’s essential components, ensuring a smoother and more efficient driving experience.

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Harris Tire Company is your premier source of tires and auto service in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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