New Airless Tires

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August 24, 2016
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March 12, 2017

Airless Tires: An Ecofriendly End to Flat Tires?

With companies like Bridgestone Tires working on new Airless Tires could we be seeing an end to flat tires?  The announcement that Bridgestone and others have been developing an “airless” or non-pneumatic tire for passenger vehicles has sparked a lot of conversations of late, particularly with all the interest in protecting the environment. Tires with airless rings provide a better grip on an uneven road, but they can cause wear and tear over time. Abrasive debris from the tire’s outer surface will scratch your rims if you don’t clean them regularly enough or use low-quality tires that lack proper traction in wet conditions like snow storms because there is no inner tube to protect against slipping out when driving through puddles of water at night while it’s dark outside. By protecting the release of additional energy from the tires and using recyclable materials there is the potential to create safer tires that are cheaper AND help our environment!  Sounds great right? Read more from Bridgestone.

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