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5 DIY Car Care Tips For Summer

Here at Harris Tire we take pride in our work, and a big goal of ours is helping car and truck owners to get, and keep, their vehicles running at peak performance. Especially for Spring and Summer when we all like to show off what we’ve got, or at least not be stuck at home during a nice day.

With the cold, rainy weather finally behind us, now is the best time to give our vehicles some extra attention. This is not only crucial for extending the lifetime of the vehicle, but also for the safety of other drivers and passengers that share the road. At Harris Tire, the well-being of our customers and their cars and trucks will always remain our top priority.

The following are some maintenance tips to get vehicles ready for the warmer days ahead:

1. Inspect Tires – Check tires for wear, damage and proper air pressure. This should include checking the tire tread depth by placing a quarter into the grooves of the tire tread. Washington’s head should be fully covered, otherwise, consider replacing the tires. Don’t forget to check that the spare tire is in good shape, as well.

2. Scrub and Clean the Exterior and Interior – Protect the vehicle’s paint with a thorough cleaning to remove all of the salts and other winter debris. Vacuum and clean the interior rugs and upholstery to remove any winter residue; don’t forget about the trunk – no space is spared from winter grime. It is also a good idea to keep a first aid kit in the trunk for any roadside emergencies.

3. Change Wiper Blades – Wiper blades endure a great deal of wear and tear during the winter season and should be changed in the spring. If left unchecked, the worn out blades could cause streaks and smears, as well as scratches that could damage the windshield and impair visibility.

4. Clean the Battery – Built-up dirt and debris on the battery and terminals can drain its power. The battery can be cleaned using baking soda and either a toothbrush or battery terminal cleaner. Keep in mind a vehicle’s battery has a five-year shelf life.

5. Examine the Brakes and Engine – Check to see if your vehicle’s engine oil and filter need to be changed, and be sure to have the front and rear brake pads, as well as, brake fluids checked for wear or damage.

In addition to these tips, it is also important to check the owner’s manual for required factory maintenance and consult any of our professional technicians to perform any of those services.

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