Does a Car Body Kit Void the Warranty?

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Every enthusiast has the car of their dreams in mind when they buy their new ride–whether it’s a sleek, matte-coated body, a lowered chassis, or upgraded mags. Eventually, every enthusiast starts to think about the question of body kits. Could they be the key to the performance that you’ve been yearning for? Is this the solution to getting that look that you see yourself riding down the street?

With that, comes a wider set of concerns: what about your warranties and insurance? What are the limits when it comes to modifications? Could getting the ride of your dreams mean sacrificing the safety of your investments? Read on as we explore the different factors that affect your car modifications and warranties.

Body Kits & Warranties

The short answer to whether or not body kits and car modifications affect your warranty is it depends. Different cars and warranty systems have various terms when it comes to how far you can go with car modifications. However, there are some standards which will affect car warranties across the board.

Standard Warranty Terms vs. ACCC Terms

Traditionally, the car warranty terms hinged on whether or not the parts of the car remained genuine. If the parts being used to modify the car are genuine manufacturer parts, then the warranty should remain intact. Using any other parts would compromise the warranty.

While this is still upheld by certain car companies, it isn’t always the case. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), a part or accessory that isn’t sourced from the manufacturer can be used, given that:

the non-genuine part is equal in quality or can be interchanged with a genuine part
the non-genuine part effectively performs the intended purpose of the genuine part

Instead of considering if a body kit is a good idea, focus on the quality of the parts used. Will the parts benefit or take away from the original make of the car? Will the replacement or rearrangement of certain parts cause damage? Once a replacement part or modification does permanent damage to the car, usually your warranty is void.

Car Servicing & Warranty

Car servicing and modifications like body kits go hand-in-hand. Usually you will have to repaint or re-polish your car after major modifications. Although this might seem minor, it can cause permanent alterations to the car body which might void your car warranty. A great way to work around this is to use polyurethane or ABS body kits. ABS body kits are used at AusBody Works. They allow you to get the feel you want without compromising the integrity of your car body.

Whereas other types of body kits like fiberglass or composite kits aren’t created to fit your car perfectly, polyurethane, and ABS are made to fit so that the actual modification to the actual car body is minimal. This ensures minimal damage and a higher chance of retaining the privileges of your warranty deal.

Tuning & Fluids

Another crucial factor to consider is the type of car fluid being used when your car is serviced. It may seem small, but choosing fluid that isn’t compatible with the manufacturer parts can affect your vehicle’s performance. You may even have to deal with permanent damage. Make sure you and your service provider only use fluids that are compatible with your car.

Engine tuning and adjustments in speed and power should also be done with care. Power limits of a car are usually customized for its specs. While adjusting your engine might allow more speed and power, it can also end up shortening the lifespan of your car. Many types of engine tuning will completely void your warranty.

Wheels, Tires & Keeping Your Warranty

Changing your wheels and tires are some of the most common modifications made to cars. Many think that since tires are an external part, switching them out for something new shouldn’t cause damage. However, this is one of the things that you should definitely avoid if you want to preserve your car warranty. Changing tires usually creates a big difference in alignment and your car’s ride. This in turn puts a major strain on your car’s suspension and drivetrain.

Modifying your car body is a fun undertaking which can lead to getting the car of your dreams. However, a great body kit or a new set of wheels should never void your car warranty or the security of your investment.

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