My Car Heater Won’t Work!

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January 5, 2016
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January 19, 2016

What Causes Your Car Heater Not to Work?

When the cold makes it’s way in we quickly notice how well our car heater is working.  Sometimes it appears to be slow to get warm. Other times it doesn’t blow as hard as we would hope or like. Sometimes it might even blow cold air!  Why??

You car heater works by blowing air from a hot engine over a heated core which then funnels it into your car through the vents.  Each of these pieces needs to be working properly for the air to perform at it’s best.  If you find it’s not performing there are a few things to check before giving us a call.

Most Common Causes of an Inoperative Heater System

There are various parts of the system that can fail and cause a broken heater system. If you’re one who likes to understand the why and how things work, some of the more common are mentioned in this article.

Don’t freeze out there over something that may be a quick, easy fix! Schedule an appointment to have us check it out and we’ll let you know what’s wrong, and what needs to be done at what cost before we do anything!
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